Body Services

Body Services

Spa Packages in Jeffersonville and Southern Indiana

CC Medi Spa has many varieties and types of body treatments to create wellness and change within your skin or simply relax and escape every day life.

Type of Body Treatments

Fit Body Wrap: Using heat up to 130 degrees with Medical Infrared Treatment while laying down on a massage table. This treatment is used for pain management or weight loss with a series of packages.

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German Ionic Foot Detox: The Real Foot Detox, providing PH balance levels, heat band for heating up the organs around your waste.  The Machine we use is patented and only Sold in Germany.  There is nothing like it in the area. The service is relaxing while educational.  Guest may feel tired or drained after service but will feel a change in the body positively after treatment.  Depending on your diet, work environment, disorders in the body and where you live will determine your treatment plan.  This service is about an hour long.

Organic Coconut & Micro Body Scrub (you can choose added aroma):Massage derived Body Scrub consisting of Organic Coconut oil. Organic Baking Soda, Almond oil and Jojoba Beads to detoxify and rid of dead skin tissue. We use Hot Towels to remove product and dry the skin on a warm table with heated elements. This service is 60 minutes.  A little heaven, A little Massage, the best of both worlds.

Suctioning Cellulite plus Infrared: Using a cupping technique, Technicians roll the unwanted areas back and forth in circular motions for 60 minutes by suctioning, cellulite creams and essential oils to reduce the appearance of cellulite then followed by a Fit Body Wrap Treatment for an additional 60 minutes.

2 Hour Service.  (4 to 6 Treatments Recommended)

Water Therapy Services COMING SOON 2019 New Building!

All service proceeds goes to Reflections Recovery Center and our Veterans Discount Programs

Assure Rest and Relaxation before or after you massage with unlimited timing.  We will be Opening these luxury treatments in January 2019.  Enjoy a VIP area with Zero Gravity Chairs, Water Therapy Services, Hot Teas, Flavored Waters, Healthy Snacks, Hot Packs and Aroma Therapy.  Services must be booked on our schedule to ensure privacy and a enjoyable experience.


RX Aqua Massage and Water Therapy TreatmentsAhh,That’s the sound you’ll hear more often when you have a soothing, sensory aqua massage experience as one of your spa or salon amenities. Perfect for busy, stressed person, the Aqua Massage product line allows you to pack more relaxation into less time!  In a Rush? you will love the convenience of not having to undress, and modest clients will appreciate the privacy not having to be touched by a stranger.  An aqua massage chair is a relaxing therapeutic treatment with 54 air pumps and 3-D rollers for your neck and shoulder with infrared heat and body scanning at a zero gravity level.  All you need to do to prepare for the acupressure  massage is remove your shoes (no need to undress – in fact, we won’t let you!).  After your shoes are removed you will lay down in the acupressure massage chair and Relax.  You will put on headphones to listen to relaxing music during your massage.  Enjoy our Thermospas hydrotherapy treatment tub with  85 plus water jets plus infrared heat that travels from your toes to your neck and back again and again for the duration of your massage.  Great for parties of 2, 4 or 6.





Zero Gravity, Acupressure, air pumps, body scanner, infrared treatment and 3 D rollers for back.








           All Natural Bronzing Treatment (Tanner)

No Orange, Deep Beach Color!  Last 7-10 Days

Treatment Comes with Exfoliation!


                                                     Young Youth Spa Day Package, Pick 2, Pick 3:                                                             20 min Facial, one 20 min Massage, one 20 min Foot Facial with Massage,

20 Minute Gentle Body Scrub

or 20 Minute Scalp Massage  (Male or Female)

The Signature Package: 

One Hour Massage, 30 Minute Massaging Facial and Full Body Citrus Mint Scrub

CC Medi Spa Custom Package, Pick 2, Pick, 3 Pick 4: 

30 Minute Massage, 30 Minute Facial, 30 Minute Foot Facial, 30 Minute Reflexology, 30 Minute Infra-Red Wrap,  30 Minute Mineral Salt Scrub, All Natural Bronze Tanning Treatment with light exfoliation treatment


Body Services Price List:

Service: Price:
Fit Wrap 75 minutes $59
Ion Foot Detox Session $59
Water Spa Services  2019 $RRC
Citrus-Mint Micro Scrub $70
Suctioning Cellulite with Infrared Wrap $130
All Natural Bronzing Treatment TAN $35
Pick 2 Custom Spa Package $70 & UP
Pick 3 Custom Spa Package $105 & UP
Pick 4 Custom Spa Package $140 & UP
Signature Package $140 & UP

Young Youth Spa Day

Service Price (already discounted)
Pick 2 $35
Pick 3 $45


Scheduling Your Massage

You can call us at 812-590-3800 today to schedule your massage. You can also send us an email to request an appointment, but please note that we will only confirm appointment times on the phone.  We also accept HSA and Health Savings cards.  We do bill for minor automobile accident by insurance.  Less than 24 hours or a NO CALL-NO SHOW is 100% of Service.  Reservation for Weekends or Week night must be held with a valid Credit Card.


Spa Services

Spa Services

Spa Packages in Jeffersonville and Southern Indiana CC Medi Spa has many varieties and types of body treatments to create wellness and change within your skin or simply relax and escape every day life. Type of Body Treatments Fit Body Wrap:  This treatment is used for pain management or weight loss with a series of…

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