Packages & Groups


Young Youth Package, Pick 2, Pick 3:  Ages 8-17

Enjoy one 20 min scalp massage, one 20 min facial, one 20 min massage, one 20 min foot facial with foot massage, 20 minute hand or back facial with massage.

(Add $10 for 30 min facial options & $20 for sixty minutes)


Groups & Parties

10-12 persons  [60 Minutes Services]

We can serve up to 12 persons in our groups rooms.

*Available single Services to chose from in conjoined Group room*

4-6 Hydrotherapy Sessions. $39 Each

2 Massage Therapy Sessions  $70/$45.50  Members/non-Members

2 Acupressure Sessions.  $20 Each

*Additional Availability for your group in other spa areas.

2 single or double Massage Therapy Sessions. $70/$45.50

1 Facial. $70/45.50

1 Infrared Wrap. $59/$39  Members/non-Members

**FOOD OPTIONS for groups of 10+  [Inquire for Pricing]*

*Cheese & cracker trays/Sausage/deli meats

*Fruit Trays/Veggie Trays

*BLT chicken salad, Curry Chicken Salad, Cranberry/Almond Chicken Salad Tower with a variety of gourmet crackers

*Bow Tie crab Salad Tower with a variety of gourmet crackers

*Caesar Pasta Chicken Salad/ Add chopped chicken

*Cranberry /Almond Slaw/Add chopped chicken

*Spinach Dip with corn chips

*Green Chile Cheese Dip with corn chips

*Mini smoked Sausages

*Baked Beans

*Fresh Black Bean Salsa with chips

Tea/lemonade & Beverage Pitchers Available

*Desert Options/coffee Available*

*Sundae Pudding Cake

*Lemon Pudding Cake

*peanut Butter Pretzel Pudding Cake

*Coconut Cream Cake

CC Medi Spa Custom Day Packages:

Seascape Package:

OPTION (A) Enjoy a 40 Minute Acupressure Chair session & a 60 Minute Hydrotherapy massage. 


OPTION (B) Enjoy a 60 Minute Hydrotherapy Massage and a 30 Minute Massage.



$120 NON/$78 MEMBERS 

90 minutes


$160 NON/$104  MEMBERS 

TOTAL 120 minutes

“MIX AND MATCH” (EXAMPLE):  60 Min Massage, 30 Min Facial

30 minute Services: A 40 Minute Acupressure Chair Massage, 30 Minute Massage, 30 Minute Reflexology [hands or feet], 30 Minute Scalp Massage, 30 Minute Custom Facial with Enzymes [book with Esthetician for this option upon Availability], 30 Minute Massaging Facial with trigger point therapy or a 30 Minutes Hand or Foot or Facial.

(Add $10 for each 30 Minute Combination of Facials)

(Add $10+ for Deep Tissue or Hot Stones)

(Add $20 for each One Hour Combination of Facial or Foot Facial options)

(Add $10+ for Deep Tissue or Hot Stones) ☆Request Facial Choice☆ -Upon Availability

Service: Price: Membership Price:
Pick 3 Spa Package $120 $78
Pick 4 Spa Pakcage $160 $104
Young Youth Package (40 Min & 60 Min) 8-17 yrs. Pick 2 ($45)Pick 3 ($70) $22.75/$45.50
Seascape Package $79 $45
Hydro Tub $39 $39
Acupressure Massage 20/40/60 $20 $20

Scheduling Your Massage

You can call us at 812-590-3800 today to schedule your massage. You can also send us an email to request an appointment, but please note that we will only confirm appointment times on the phone.  We also accept HSA and Health Savings cards.  We can bill for minor automobile accident by insurance.

Massages In Southern Indiana

Massages In Southern Indiana

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Tandem Massage in Southern Indiana

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Essential Oils for Sale

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